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If you dream of a vacation by the sea, Lincoln City is your answer. This enchanting Oregon coastal city lies less than 90 miles from Portland and offers the perfect way to get away and escape everyday life for a while. You can enjoy a better alternative to a hotel stay and have access to all the comforts of home by renting one of the beautiful vacation homes here. With a population of just under 9,000 residents, you’ll still have plenty of chances to get to know the locals without feeling too crowded during your stay.

One of the main draws of Lincoln City is of course its spectacular coastline. Large hills and other tall rock formations hugging the coast create an awe-inspiring beach setting. While spending time at the beach, you can partake in activities like swimming, sunbathing and beach volleyball when the weather is warm enough. Building sandcastles, flying kites and going crabbing are other fun activities that you can enjoy at the beach. The best part about renting a vacation home in Lincoln City is that you won’t have to travel too far to access the seaside. 

Along with going to the beach, you can find plenty of other great ways to keep yourself entertained while vacationing in Lincoln City. Live glassblowing demonstrations are held at the Lincoln City Glass Center. Chinook Winds Casino Resort features games, dining and entertainment to enhance your vacation. If you’re into history, try visiting the North Lincoln County Historical Museum to see old relics and other fascinating exhibits that provide further insight into the city’s illustrious past and present. The Lincoln City Cultural Center regularly stages live performances and features additional education programs to help people broaden their cultural horizons. While staying in your Lincoln City vacation rental home, you can also find smaller art galleries and entertainment venues. 

The relatively rare temperature extremes in Lincoln City make renting a vacation home here worthwhile throughout much of the year. A local marine climate keeps summer temperatures from getting too hot while ensuring cool and comfortable temperatures during most winters. Summertime highs rarely surpass the 75-degree mark, which makes vacationing in Lincoln City perfect for anyone who doesn’t like the extreme heat. Winter temperatures can sometimes drop into the upper 30s but rarely dip below the freezing mark. November through March is when most rainfall usually occurs, so be prepared with your umbrella, raincoat and other raingear if you plan to visit during this time of year.

Lincoln City kite festival

Lincoln City also hosts several annual events that offer even more opportunities to have fun and forget about your worries. The D River State Recreation Site is the location of the Summer Kite Festival, which allows participants to fly both classic and unique kites in the open sky. Pixie-themed rides and games for the kids make Pixiefest popular with families. Some of the best local musical performances can be seen during the Siletz Bay Music Festival. Siletz Bay is also the site of a spectacular Fourth of July celebration complete with fireworks and a family-friendly parade. If you want to test your creative skills, you can try building a sandcastle to show off for the Lincoln City Sandcastle Contest. The Finders Keepers season, which runs from the middle of October until the middle of May, allows you to keep any exquisitely designed handmade glass that you find along the beach. 

If you enjoy shopping, Lincoln City Outlets is home to more than 40 stores that feature name-brand and designer merchandise for sale. Whether you need some more clothes, jewelry or other practical goods to make staying in your vacation rental home more enjoyable, Lincoln City Outlets has you covered. For more great deals on beachwear and other useful items, head to Beach Bum Thrift or Oregon Surf Shop.

There are plenty of places in and around Lincoln City where you can go for a bite to eat if you don’t feel like cooking in your vacation rental home. Mo’s Restaurant is situated on the waterfront and offers everything from classic American food to vegetarian dishes. If you’re in the mood for seafood, Kyllo’s Seafood & Grill or J’s Fish and Chips can satisfy your appetite. Burgers, fries and other classic favorites are on the menu at Hwy 101 Burger. Puerta Vallarta is a Mexican restaurant that serves delicious spicy dishes that are sure to get your taste buds popping. For pizza options, Gallucci’s Pizzeria and Figaro’s Pizza offer some of the tastiest pies in Lincoln City. If you want more of a hands-on experience, you can try creating your own culinary masterpieces by taking a class at the Culinary Center in Lincoln City.

Along with all the great attractions in Lincoln City, there are plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure just beyond the city limits. Devils Lake is less than three miles from the city center and is the perfect place to go for a picnic or some boating. The Road’s End State Recreation Site is a popular place to go for seaside picnics and wildlife watching. Hiking trails and other wilderness activities can be enjoyed by heading north to the area known as Three Rocks. More time among nature can be savored by spending part of your time at the Spyglass Ridge Open Space.

Where To Book A Vacation Rental

Lincoln City is your gateway to great times by the sea. Book your vacation rental home today:

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Vacation Rentals Lincoln City Oregon

Vacation Rentals Lincoln City Oregon

When people hear Oregon in a conversation their first thoughts probably turn to Portland. Yet, there’s much more to the state, including a vast coastline that looks over the Pacific Ocean.

Along that coastline are numerous towns and resorts that draw in more than locals. They are locations that tend to have the same mild weather in the summer as California, except with fewer crowds. In addition, the vacation rentals in these areas can be far less expensive.

One of these areas is Lincoln City. Less than 90 miles from Portland, the municipality is off Highway 101 between Depoe Bay and Neskowin. It is a city with wide, white sandy beaches as well as a rich and diverse culture.


Lincoln City is fairly new. Once a stretch of coastal towns that included Cutler City, Wecoma Beach, and Oceanlake, it was brought together and incorporated in 1965 to stabilize the local government. It has a permanent population of 9,000 across a span of only 5.4 miles. During the summer months, when hundreds of vacation homes are available for rent, the population swells to over 30,000.


Lincoln City sits in a mild maritime climate. During the summer, temperatures average between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit in the day and the 50s in the evening. The period between June and September also has the least amount of rainfall — approximately six days per month. So, when packing for your vacation rental, a rain jacket and sweatshirt are a must.

In the fall and winter, average highs in Lincoln City are in the 40s and 50s with lows in the 30s. However, it may seem colder if it rains, which is about 16 days each month. If renting during this period, make sure to pack warm boots, moisture-wicking jackets, hats, and gloves.

Vacation Rentals

Rentals are available year-round, although there may be fewer in the colder months. Those who stay in one of Lincoln City’s vacation homes and condos have free access to the beach. Renters can also participate in the city’s Finders Keepers season. If you walk along the beach and find a hidden handmade glass float it is yours to keep, courtesy of Lincoln City.

You can find vacation homes and condos for rent through the city and online. For instance, Keystone Vacations Oregon ( lists these by rating, cost, and amenities. Furthermore, these rentals span the gamut from two-bedroom condos to several room homes that accommodate multiple families.

What to Do

Thanks to its incorporation into one city almost six decades ago, Lincoln City has much to do beyond the sand and the waves of the Pacific. Whether it involves sightseeing, culture, dining, or shopping, there’s something for everyone and every age.

For instance, the city holds two all-ages festivals in June. The Summer Kite Festival offers two days of kite flying activities. Later in the month is Pixiefest — a celebration that honors the city’s past with a recreation of Pixieland and the Pixie Kitchen.

One of the reasons so many visitors find glass floats along the beach is due to the Lincoln City Glass Center. It allows patrons to both learn and experience the art of glassblowing. In addition to seeing how blown glass is made, those daring enough can create their own keepsake.

Travelers interested in Lincoln City’s past can visit the North Lincoln County Historical Museum. It features permanent and rotating exhibits about the city and its county. The good news is admission is free.

Those interested in outdoor activities have options beyond the beach. For example, at 685 acres, Devil’s Lake is available for boating, swimming, or fishing. On the southwest corner of Lincoln City is Siletz Bay. Here, visitors can birdwatch, swim, or dig for clams at low tide.

Outside of the water, the area around Lincoln City is filled with miles of hiking trails among its open spaces. You can hike in neighborhood parks, forests, wetlands, and along the Oregon Coast itself.

If travelers have shoppers in their group, the place for them to go is the Lincoln City Outlets. There are approximately 50 designer and name brand stores that sell their wares for less than the standard department store. 

Should visitors be on the lookout for something older, they can stop in the antiques and collectible shops of Lincoln City. Once known as one of the undiscovered places to antique in the U.S., the city celebrates each year with a ten-day event.

At some point, you will get hungry. Luckily, Lincoln City has plenty of places to dine that are a short walk, bike, or drive from your vacation rental. Going the classic route, people visiting the glass center can take a quick stroll to Hwy 101 Burger. It features burgers made fresh and shakes to wash them down. Diners can relax on the patio while they watch the sunset over Siletz Bay. 

Not too far from Hwy 101 Burger is Mo’s Seafood & Chowder. If you are a lover of clam chowder, you want to stop here. You can get the soup in a sourdough bread bowl or served with Oregon Bay Shrimp. The bay shrimp also comes in a sandwich or melt.

Across town, visitors can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the Wild Flower Grill. Some of the specialties include a Crab Cake Benedict for breakfast, Wildflower Oyster Po’Boy for lunch, and Marionberry Hazelnut Duck for dinner. Everything is included with amazing views.

Overall, Lincoln City should be your vacation rental destination no matter what the season. To get an idea of available locations, visit or call:

Keystone Vacation Rentals
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Lincoln City Vacation Rentals