5 Unbeatable Reasons For A Central Oregon Coast Spring Visit

Central Oregon Coast

The Central Oregon Coast encompasses the area between Lincoln City and Florence on scenic Highway 101. While this spectacular area is well-appreciated during the summer months, you may want to rethink you travel plans and schedule a spring visit instead. Here’s why.

Moderate Temperatures

Admittedly, Central Oregon Coast towns and cities are somewhat wild and unpredictable during the winter months. However, as spring rolls in the rains subside and temperatures hover around a comfortable 60°F during the day.

If you’re a person that can’t tolerate the heat, spring’s the ideal time for travel. Coastal residents will be the first to tell you will encounter clear, sunny days during the spring, and if you’re caught in a storm it’s not a big issue. You’ll hear Oregonians say, “If you don’t like the weather, just give it five minutes”.

Peak Season For Blooms

One great reason to tolerate a shower or two is these spring rains do bring an abundance of flowers on the Central Oregon Coast. Wildflower season starts around the end of March, but the season for blooms is gloriously long in this area, peaking in April and May.

The Cascade Head Preserve provides the ideal habitat for rare wildflowers such as the native Cascade Head Catchfly and the Hairy Checker-Mallow and protects the Oregon silverspot butterfly too. The preserve has a lush 2.5 mile trail loaded with blue violet, streambank lupine, and native grasses suitable for most people.

Florence also offers the Rhododendron Festival each May, as they have since 1908. These flowers show off in various colors along roadsides, yards, parks, and displays and the festival culminates in a floral contest for the most outstanding blooms. Florence’s Historic Old Town is the setting for a parade, entertainment, and other festivities.

The Central Oregon Coast is also home to a native carnivorous plant; Darlingtonia californica, or the Pitcher Plant. With an entire state park dedicated to its protection, a spring visit will awe you with fields of purple petals and yellow sepals.

Watch Ocean Geysers

Areas such as Depoe Bay are built on basalt beds and the waves squeeze between the rocks to create spouting geysers during a storm. If a spring squall does pass through the area, you’ll see quite a show.

You don’t have to brave the elements to appreciate the beauty of these ocean plumes either (unless you want to). You can just as easily watch them from the comfort of your living room in a well-appointed Depoe Bay waterfront condo.

Other spectacular viewpoints along Highway 101 also provide outstanding views of waves as the pummel the cliffs. Cape Foulweather, Heceta Head Lighthouse, and Cape Perpetua are great places to take photos and watch Mother Nature unleash her fury.

Farther north, Lincoln City offers excellent spots at the D River Wayside and Roads End State Park if you love to feel the wind in your hair. Otherwise, sip a drink, contemplate life, and enjoy the luxuries of a beachfront Lincoln City condo.

Fewer Crowds – More Fun

During the summer the Central Oregon Coast teems with tourists, and understandably so. With miles of sandy beaches, unspoiled natural treasures, and outstanding activities and entertainment it’s an area that’s hard to beat. Nonetheless, packed restaurants and a clogged Highway 101 aren’t much fun.

Seasoned travellers quickly realize the spring offers much more. They can easily visit many restaurants, brew pubs, and local attractions, get more attention, better service, and have a chance to converse with locals too. It’s a good time to truly appreciate what the Central Oregon Coast has to offer.

Discounted Accommodation

A spring visit to the Central Oregon Coast makes perfect sense. Why stay in a cramped hotel when you can stretch out, view the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean outside your window, and access Highway 101 for daytrips throughout your visit?

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