Oregon Coast Vacation Homes Ideal For Holidays

Oregon Coast vacation homes open up a new way to spend your holiday, with many advantages over hotels. Many offer beachfront rentals so you can take in the breathtaking landscapes of the Oregon Coast and access Highway 101 easily to explore with ease.

Most Scenic Byways in America

If you really want to see Oregon, explore their scenic byways. You can drive or cycle these meandering Pacific Coast roads. You’ll see tide pools, waterfalls, lighthouses, shipwrecks and unusual natural phenomena such as the Devil’s Punch Bowl and the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in America.

With 363 miles of coastline, there’s plenty to explore so renting Oregon Coast vacation homes makes perfect sense. When you choose a well-equipped condo as home base you can set out on day trips, discover unique eateries, eclectic shops, and countless activities along the way.

Fabulous Food & Drink

When you’re holidaying in Oregon, expect a warm welcome and an appreciation of fresh food and tasty drinks. The local Dungeness crab, salmon, Albacore tuna and oysters rate among the world’s best and in many locations you can catch them yourself. Otherwise, the local seafood markets brim with the catch of the day, ready for you to enjoy.

There are also 172 microbreweries in Oregon including many on the coast. If you love coffee, you’ll be pleased to know a huge coffee culture exists here too.

Untouched Beaches

If you crave a quiet beach without throngs of tourists, Oregon definitely delivers. The Oregon Coast has dozens of pristine beaches, and they are all open to the public. Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach is so amazing National Geographic rated it one of the 100 most beautiful places in the world!

Beachfront rentals provide an unobstructed view of the Pacific, where you can often spot grey whales during their migration. Many times you can view miles and miles of sand without seeing another soul.

Plenty of Eco Activities

The Oregon Coast offers six wildlife refuges also harbor sea lions, seals, octopi, and countless other marine species. You can explore rocky tide pools packed with crab, anemone and starfish. If you want explore the ecology in-depth, many museums dot the coast with amazing exhibits. Private tours also exist so you can see creatures in their natural habitat and understand the conservation measures used to protect them.

Oregonians celebrate the sand, sea and wind and offer activities such as crabbing, kiting, and exploring miles of sand dunes too.

No Sales Tax

With the economy the way it is, every penny counts. Luckily for Oregon vacationers, you don’t pay sales tax which saves you plenty, especially on a family vacation. When you pay for goods or services, you pay precisely what it costs and not a penny more.

Oregon Coast Vacation Homes

Nothing beats a holiday in a place you can call home. You can bring friends and family, buy local wine, seafood, and produce and relax in a large space, instead of a cramped hotel room.

Beachfront rentals offer easy access to the ocean and fully-equipped condos. No need to pack suitcases every time you want to explore. Just rent in the Lincoln City or Depoe Bay areas and venture out as you please.

If you’re traveling with young children, you already know how challenging it can be. With a space you can call your own the kids can snack, nap, play games and watch television. You also have access to building amenities such as a games room, pool or gym. You can’t beat beachfront rentals for convenience, fun, and economy.