The Wax Works

250 SW Bay Boulevard
Newport, Oregon 97365

URL: The Wax Works
Phone: (541) 265-2206

The Wax Works is a fascinating visit packed with hundreds of detailed sculptures that look like they could step out of the display and talk to you.

Every sculpture takes months to craft and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Artists begin with an armature to support the head and body. They then add clay and sculpt the figure. Once the figure is to their liking, they make a mold to cast it in wax. It takes days to build up the plaster which forms the pieces of the mold.

When the mold dries, they pour in hot wax and allow it to set. They then remove it, but the figure still needs more work. The eyes and teeth are made separately and fitted into the head. Hair is inserted individually and the features are hand painted to bring the statue to life. Of course, custom clothing completes the effect.

The Wax Works collection includes Marilyn Monroe, Spock from Star Trek, Frankenstein and other intriguing characters.