Events for Saturday, December 15, 2018

Giant Pacific Octopus Encounter

Are you a sucker for the spineless? Go behind-the-scenes on a popular encounter to shake our octopus's hand... er, suckers. Learn about the exciting life of one of the most intelligent invertebrates on this planet! Spineless... And Spectacular! Octopuses live along the rocky shores and in tide pools, where they prowl the ocean bottom in search of crab, scallops, clams and other crustaceans.

Jingle Bell Jog 5k

6th Annual Jingle Bell 5K Jog/Walk at the Lincoln City Community Center at 9:30 AM. This fun event is open to runners, joggers, walkers, baby strollers and pets. Costumes are recommended but optional, and bells will be provided. To register call 541-994-2131.